Word substitution errors offer a glimpse into the linguistically unconscious.  I swear I learn as much from kids as they do from me. One of the big questions in the fields of neurolinguistics is whether words how words are stored: semantically – according to meaning – and phonetically – according to sound.  A child last week shared their personal linguistic pathway when asked to name pictures. When shown the Picture: 

The wonderful name retrieved from long-term memory? “Garden gnome”

A great way to preserve to preserve syllabic structure.  Say it aloud.

It’s almost as treasured as a 5 year old defining the word “transparent” (a word well outside his expected lexicon) as:

“Transparent? Maybe it’s when your parents are divorced and you move from your mom’s house to your dad’s house?”

Now that’s better than anything one could find in OED or Webster.


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